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15 August 2017 | Could you – a normal person – land a plane in an emergency? We went to find out It’s a staple of any disaster movie: the pilot of a giant passenger plane has been rendered incapacitated by a deadly gas, a terrorist, or, I don’t know, a slug that accidentally slid up his […]

The National Student

10 August 2017 | We flew a plane into Hong Kong old airport with a Boeing 737 simulator If you live in East Putney, London, you have probably noticed this already, but on the main road right outside the tube station there is a glass building with a grey-blue sign inside saying “Flight Experience London”. The […]

Head for Points

10 August 2017 | I try ‘Flight Experience London’ in Putney and land a Boeing 737 The closest I’ve come to flying a plane was a computer game my brother had when we were kids. Though most of the time he wouldn’t let me fly the plane and I’m pretty sure whenever he did let me […]

ICI Londres Magazine

7 August 2017 | Simulateur de Vol : Devenez Pilote de Boeing ! C’est un cadeau assez proche de la perfection pour qui veut assouvir son fantasme de piloter un avion, le faire décoller, le mener à bon port et le faire atterrir sans encombres. Vous aurez même le choix dans la difficulté d’accès de l’aéroport […]

Love Exploring

4 August 2017 | Want to fly a Boeing 737? Now you can We took to the virtual skies in southwest London’s new Flight Experience simulator Long gone are the days when the pilot might invite you onto the flight deck to marvel at the hundreds of switches, screens and buttons and enjoy the view from […]

OK! Magazine

6 june 2017 | Take flight Originally published by OK! Magazine, 6 June 2017.

Run Jump Scrap

31 May 2017 | Father’s Day Gift Guide Are you panicking yet about what to buy your other half for Father’s Day? Hope I can help you a little! I’ve never done a gift guide on the blog before, I’m moving into new territory this Father’s Day which is coming up on June 18th. It’s hard […]

Raising the Rings

28 May 2017 | Father’s Day Present Ideas Ok you lovely lot, it’s not time to panic just yet but Father’s Day is approaching! It’s three weeks away so there’s plenty of time to get organised. I love doing gift guides, I really do! I love giving people ideas for Father’s Day and always hope that […]

Plane Talking UK Podcast, Episode 163

7 May 2017 | Plane Talking UK Podcast, Episode 163 On episode 163 of the Plane Talking UK Podcast, Carlos, Matt, and Eoin speak with the owners of Flight Experience London, Nick Taylor and Paul Kendrick. More information on the episode can be found below. Listen to the episode at the podcast’s official website! Plane Talking UK […]

TimeOut London

2 May 2017 | Flight Experience London My favourite illustrative factoid about the perpetual shitshow that is the London housing market is that it’s cheaper to live and commute into London from Madrid than it is parts of London. Well, when I’m inevitably priced out of my chosen pocket of the capital, I’ll have one up on […]