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1 September 2017 |

Ever Wondered What It’s Like to Fly a Boeing 737? Now You Don’t Have To

Flight Experience London is offering wannabe pilots, aviation enthusiasts and curious wanderlusters the opportunity to take to the skies in its state-of-the-art Boeing simulator.

The centre, based in Putney, is easy to reach on the London Underground and home to one of the world’s most realistic flight simulators, built and flown over all the way from New Zealand.

Once inside the cockpit, the feeling of immersion is incredible, with high-resolution surround displays giving you the feeling of being on the runway.

The instruments are all made of the same materials and to the exact specifications of an actual Boeing and behave in the same way as if you were really flying.

                                                                      | Courtesy of Flight Experience London

Each flight is accompanied by a professional instructor and former Boeing pilot, so everyone from first-time fliers to experienced enthusiasts will feel at ease.

When Culture Trip tried the experience first hand, we flew a circuit around Zurich taking in the beautiful mountain views.

Things then went up a gear when, after a few clicks, we found ourselves approaching Hong Kong’s now abandoned Kai Tak Airport with a treacherous right-hand turn to make before landing.

London City Airport | Courtesy of Flight Experience London

In the hands of experienced former pilot Nick, Culture Trip managed the landing, known as a ‘captain-only approach’ for its difficulty.

Undoubtedly the best flight simulator in the capital, London Flight Experience lets you take to the skies without ever leaving the ground.

Half an hour in the simulator with a trained Boeing instructor starts from £140 (now on sale for £109); £195 for 45 minutes (sale price £159); and £270 (now £199) for the full hour. Head to for more info. 

Post Originally published  by Alex Jordan on The Culture Trip.